Through a combination of thoughtful planning, project management, quality workmanship, and a partnership with our customers, we craft solutions with increased value.

Our mission is to assist our customers in meeting their mobile energy needs in an efficient, sustainable way. For some customers, that means getting the most out of gas or diesel generators. For others, we design custom battery based Inverter/Charger systems. Often, the ideal solution is a hybrid approach, combining multiple power sources using intelligent control to meet power requirements.

Planning & Project Management

“The cost of planning the prevention of mistakes is generally far less than the impact of correcting mistakes discovered through inspection.”

At Epic Energy we do things right, the first time. Doing things right starts with planning, not with tools. We spend time analyzing the power challenge you are facing, your usage case, and what equipment you currently have. We provide a proposal which includes a project plan and wiring diagram, showing how we can help meet your power requirements in the most efficient way.

Safety & Standards

Electrical Safety starts with not cutting any corners, following industry standards wherever they exist. It’s about using the right parts for the job, and installing them as per their specifications. Proficiency in Safety takes it a step further, with thorough analysis of shock hazards, ground fault protection, surge and lightning protection, and proactive risk mitigation. Expertise in safety adds years of experience diagnosing faults, forensic analysis of failed systems, and a good dose of formal education.

At Epic Energy, we are Safety Experts. We work closely with the QAI Laboratories (Quality Auditors Institute), not only to have our system designs certified for use in Canada, but in a proactive design process. We collaborate before, during, and after installation to ensure the highest standard of safety has been met.

Efficiency & Sustainability

Sustainability is not always obvious – it can have different meanings depending on the context. While burning fossil fuels is generally known to be unsustainable, putting operational generators into the landfill isn’t a great option either – especially if the cost of upgrades threatens the sustainability of your business! All generators have power output “sweet spots”, where they can reach their maximum fuel efficiency. However, generator based systems rarely operate in this range, and unfortunately spend most of their time in inefficient operation. At Epic Energy, we focus on efficiency. Typically, the most efficient solution also turns out to be the most cost effective. Our system designs reduce total generator runtime, while increasing the overall fuel efficiency. This extends the lifespan of the engine, and prolongs service intervals and fluid changes. We accomplish this by using modern technology to more effectively convert the energy from one form to another. We apply this process to all the on board energy systems, from heating and cooling, to lighting, ventilation, and entertainment. The efficiency gains across the systems can add up to make a big difference.

Quality & Workmanship

Quality Workmanship often makes all the difference. Even the best products available, if installed poorly, can be a source of major headaches. Epic Energy is well known across Western Canada for our high quality, bulletproof installations. We have extensive experience in the Emergency Response and Municipal Fleet markets, which are among the toughest environments electrical equipment can be subjected to.

Real quality is all-encompassing, it is ingrained deep into the work ethic of the technician behind the tools. It requires an intimate knowledge of the electrical, mechanical, chemical, and environmental punishment that the installation must endure. It requires an immense respect for one’s own work, and in turn, the customer’s work. It requires the best tools, and a support network of partners, suppliers, and quality assurance inspectors that share the same passion.

Real quality is always – not just once in awhile. It happens where nobody will ever see it, it happens at the end of the day on Friday, it happens in the most remote locations at the final hour. When others start cutting corners, Epic Energy doubles down. We have made a commitment to ourselves, our customers, and every partner that stands behind us, that our standards of quality and workmanship are never, ever compromised.

Rack panel with DIN Rails

Epic Energy offers increased value by sticking to 5 simple commitments.

Our Commitments:

1 Safety

2 Efficiency

3 Workmanship

4 Standards

5 Sustainability