Markets Covered

City Utility Fleet Operators

As a fleet operator, your productivity depends on power being available. Your trucks are your employee's workplace, and that means it has to offer all amenities of any workplace. Efficient heating and cooling, good lighting, and power outlets to charge tool batteries and mobile devices. Epic Energy has been designing and building fleet truck electrical solutions for 15 years, and in that time, we have learned how to deliver a powerful, effective solution for your trucks.Our projects span almost every municipality in lower mainland BC. We have implemented systems for construction trailers, water and sewer utility trucks, highway bridge inspection units, Fiber Splicing units, Electrical Utility crew trucks, etc.

Food Truck Owners

Food truck owner's systems need to be bulletproof. They need to keep up with whatever the day throws at you. Are generators allowed at your event? Can you really pull 15A from the circuit the organizers provided you? Is your battery going to last through the afternoon rush? You need a robust, flexible system that won't let you down. At Epic Energy we are food truck experts. We handle design, build, inspection, repair, upgrades, anything you need..

Property Owners

Epic Energy designs and installs intelligent battery backup, uninterruptible power supply, and solar energy systems for commercial and residential applications. Whether you have an off-grid property, or an office in the city, if you can't afford downtime due to power outages, we have you covered.

Research Teams

Mobile labs have very demanding power requirements. Lab-grade measurement equipment is designed for use in permanent laboratories, where grid-based power is always available. Increasingly, research teams need to take their work mobile. Epic Energy has experience with government and private clients in designing mobile labs with flexible power systems that meet their needs.

Search and Rescue Officials

When your job is saving lives, the last thing you need to be thinking about is your electrical system. It just needs to work, every day, all day, end of story. Epic Energy has designed and built First Responder electrical systems for two decades.

Specialty Vehicles

Specialty Vehicles by definition have unique requirements. From catering trucks, Road-side Impaired Driver testing units, Airport Command Centers, to Prisoner Transport Trucks, Epic Energy can design a custom electrical system to meet any requirement.