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The Challenge:

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Canada presented a specification for a very serious power system for their new Mobile Air Quality Measurement Unit (MAMU)

  • 16kW of uninterruptible load
  • no emissions during lengthy air quality tests
  • 40kWh of energy storage, 600kG total system weight limit
  • 0.5 Cubic Meter maximum space
  • Extremely fast recharge cycle (under 2 hours)
  • Automatic battery charge regulation, automatic unattended start/stop of charging sources
  • Variety of resistive and inductive loads (heaters, air conditioning, compressors, vacuum pumps, lighting, etc)
  • balanced weight distribution on the chassis
  • Full-Load Operation from -20C to +40C
  • Built on a 2017 Ford F-650 Diesel Chassis

The Epic Solution

We designed a hybrid electrical system using advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, a pair of high power Inverter/Chargers, a chassis PTO-driven hydraulic generator, and an engine driven DC Alternator. All together, these systems exceeded the ministry's specifications.

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