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The Challenge

Whistler Wood Fired Pizza operates a food trailer which contains a real wood oven. Since most of the cooking energy is provided by the wood oven, the remainder of the electrical demands in the kitchen can easily be met by a battery & Inverter system. The existing AC and DC infrastructure was outdated and needing replacement, as did the bank of conventional flooded batteries.

The Epic Energy Solution

We replaced the aging flooded batteries with modern AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries from Odyssey. Three Extreme Series PC1800FT batteries offer very high power density in a tall, narrow package.  We replaced 12 square feet worth of flooded batteries (8 in total) with only 4 square feet worth of these AGM batteries and still increased the usable Amp-Hours by 30%. More importantly, the AGM batteries have an 8-12 year design life, so they will last 3 times longer than conventional flooded units.We installed 30A and 15A shore power inlets on an aluminum divider.  An transfer switch is mounted inside, which automatically chooses between the shore inlets and Inverter output as necessary.  The DC circuit protection is provided by a Blue Sea Marine breaker panel.  Metering is provided by a Blue Sea AC Multimeter and a DC Battery Condition Meter.This Epic Energy installation will provide many years of safe, reliable service, ensuring fresh baked pizza is always available at your favorite events!